that old GNU/Linux argument

Claude Jones cjones at
Tue Jul 29 04:30:58 UTC 2008

On Mon July 28 2008 3:34:28 pm Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:
> Although you seem to remember quite well the date, you don't seem to
> remember the content.
> For your convenience:
> Now I may be obtuse since english is not my native tongue, but I
> understood that he was just biting the bait sent by that troll "Morton
> Harrow" who cross posted with some "GNU GPL 4" bullshit.

Despite your 'eloquence', I did revisit this. What I see is a post by Stallman 
in response to Harrow, which was cc'd to multiple lists and individuals, for 
whatever reason. What you folks who are so wrapped in your evangelism don't 
see, is how easy it was to see that Stallman post come in that day, which I 
still have in my email folder (no 'remembering' necessary), and think this was 
just another way of posting to the 'endless thread' -------- you (that's the 
collective that have participated in the thread, not YOU personally) have 
ventured far afield from the original issue, have changed the subject several 
times, and have talked about many things ---- I stand by what I stated, though 
freely admitting I may have been wrong about Stallman's post (though, I don't 
see that as proven by my review, OR, your assertions). You 'evangelists' have 
been hovering over your keyboards for many days, your fingers superglued to the 
enter key, pouncing over every thing that's said, in what has now turned into 
a most irritating rudeness and lack of semblance of civility. 

I have no power to moderate you off this list, and actually, I don't even wish 
to, but, like you, I can state my views...and now, having stated them, I shall 
say no more to feed this - you may have the last word.

Claude Jones

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