that old GNU/Linux argument

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Tue Jul 29 04:46:29 UTC 2008

> >> > personal attack because we do not agree with
> your purist ways.
> >> 
> >> Purist?  Who's the one denying that it's
> not a combination of GNU
> >> with Linux, but rather pure Linux? :-)
> > I did not say pure Linux.  You are putting words* that
> I did not write here. 
> Note the :-).  /me makes jokes, too.
Cool :)  I did not catch that one!
> > I am only resenting that name be forced when I simply
> know the
> > system as a Linux system or Linux Operating System.
> I just don't understand why you resent the messager,
> rather than those
> who fooled you for all these years.
I do not have any hate towards you.  I actually like you.  If you ever come to the US close to the border with Mexico, I would invite to a couple of beers :)  I do not hate anyone.  I might seem like a bad person, because I question many things.  Many people do not like me because they say that I am a rebel without a cause.  
> Think of it this way: if you keep on calling the operating
> system
> Linux, you not only keep on strenghtening the movement
> against the
> fundamental ideals of software freedom, you also deny those
> who
> believe the name you choose and what it implies an
> opportunity to
> learn about both movements and make up their own minds. 
> You bias them
> against software freedom.

I am sorry but I happen to like the Linux name very much.  At school they call me the Linux Man/Linux Dude.  IT will be very hard to convince them to call me GNU/Linux man.  Some of the people say that I am a radical and that I should have lived in the 60's when many social movements began in 
the US.  

> You bias them against software freedom.

Not necessarily, I believe Les has a very strong point when he wrote:

> GNU is a radical political movement.  Putting the name next
> to Linux 
> makes it seem as though Linus himself endorses the
> movement.  But that's 
> rather dishonest, given that Linus has always stayed away
> from such 
> political zealotry.

So I added a +1) and sent it in.  

Similarly I agree with many things from the FSF, I do believe in the ideas that software be free and made available to all.  What I do not believe is in the approach that they take.  I also do not agree to certain things about the Free and Open Source licenses.  It creates a great deal of confusion that many users on this list and creators of softwares are not excited about dealing with the FSF.  

I make comparisons to the Bible.  I like the old Testament, I do not like the New Testament too much.  I have to pick and choose what I like.  I do not like everything.  I liked it in the old testament when someone disobeyed, he/she was punished on the spot.  The new testament lets the oppressors last longer till they pay.  
> If that's what you want to accomplish, nothing I could
> say or ask
> would change it.
But you have opened my eyes in some ways.  While I do not agree with you 100% of the way, I have learned many things that I did not know before :)
> But if you believe in letting people learn, think and
> decide for
> themselves, 
This is the right way :)
> rather than censoring information some
> opponents of the
> Free Software movement want to hide from them to keep them
> in
> ignorance and stop them from pursuing freedom, pretty
> please make the
> tiny effort it takes to get used to naming the system
> GNU+Linux or
> GNU/Linux.
> -- 




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