that old GNU/Linux argument

Marko Vojinovic vvmarko at
Tue Jul 29 01:20:51 UTC 2008

On Monday 28 July 2008 19:06, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> > Hey, how about me starting a quest here? :-)
> >
> > When you say "information" above, you actually
> > mean "classical information",
> > as opposed to quantum information, which does not possess
> > the property of
> > copying (this famous property is called the no-cloning
> > theorem).
> quantum as opposed to classical, I do not see what is the connection?

Ok, the theorem states that quantum information cannot be cloned (ie. copied) 
as the classical one can. This in the sense that if you try to make an 
identical copy of some quantum information, you destroy the original in the 
process. Some people tend to describe this as "quantum teleportation" of 
information --- it dissapears here, it appears there.

Now, in the part that I quoted, Gordon Messmer was talking about copying 
information. I started nitpicking (quite unjustifiedly), and emphasized that 
he should be talking about information of classical type, not information in 
general (as this would incorrectly include the quantum case).

While technically correct, this comment of mine was just nitpicking beyond any 
sanity. In the following paragraphs of that post, I used it to draw a silent 
parallel to the whole Linux vs GNU/Linux discussion.

// Don't worry, I believe that 99.99% of people on this planet know absolutely 
nothing about quantum information --- and of course I was not serious about 
trying to educate anyone on this, nor to start a QSJ (Quest for Social 
Justice) or a thread regarding it. //

But really, was it really neccessary to include <irony></irony> tags at the 
beginning and the end of my post? I thought it would be obvious... ;-)

> I do not see how not using GNU/Linux is a social injustice.  I disagree.

Neither do I, but Alexandre is talking about it in a number of posts. I just 
wanted to tag along and define a YASI (Yet Another Social Injustice) by 
turning attention to classical vs. quantum information. ;-) And then "try" to 
engage in a completely analogous discussion that has been here in this thread 
so far. The point was to show how stupid such quests are in general, and the 
"GNU/Linux" one in particular. ;-)

> Can your thread far exceed this one?  I will not dare you to do it, but I
> think it is not needed.  If you decide to create it, may people might
> ignore it and/or *block it*.  This does not help either cause.

Precisely! Tell that to Alexandre and other pro-GNU vocals. That is actually 
my very point.

Btw, if you (or anyone) try hard enough to disprove my "quest" for changing 
the word "information" into "classical/information" everywhere it appears, I 
guarantee that together we can make a thread big beyond any imagination. :-) 

It's simple --- I say that the switch to "classical/information" should be 
made, because it is social injustice not to; than you reply that it should 
not be; then I reply that it should, and present some arguments, quote some 
papers etc.; then you disagree, and present counter-arguments; but I am tough 
opponent, and I disprove your arguments, and present new ones; but you are 
also tough and you invent new arguments --- and so on, I believe you get the 
picture... ;-) We could easily aim to get into the Guinnes Book of Records 
for the insanely high number of posts arguing that way. :-)

> > P.S. I certainly hope that everyone gets the true point of
> > this post, because otherwise... ;-)

You missed to see this disclaimer, really? ;-)

Best, :-)

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