Can NTFS r/w support be built into the initrd?

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at
Tue Jul 29 21:22:35 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-29 at 16:09 -0500, Richard Shaw wrote:

> I'm using the livecd-iso-to-disk to make a bootable USB thumb drive
> for a laptop where I don't want to alter the drive partitioning. I've
> got a 1GB overlay on it but trying to update F9 from the iso to
> current pretty much max's it out. I have created a 4GB overlay file on
> the HD but it is a NTFS partition.
> I updated the syslinux.cfg to get it to find the overlay file on the
> HD and it attempted it (I changed out the overlay= command to use the
> HD label and UUID) but it complained that it didn't understand the
> filesystem type. Since I can access the HD once I boot I assume I need
> NTFS support in the initrd.

Okay, I'm with you. Unfortunately, the Fedora initrd doesn't have any
concept of fuse, or performing fuse mounts. It is not as simple as
simply including the necessary files in the initrd, you'd need to be
sure that the fuse kernel module, as well as the ntfs-3g bits (and
probably the fuse userspace bits and anything they depend on) were
there, yes, but you'd also have to add the mount commands into the
initrd execution sequence.

It's possible, but I'm not volunteering to hack it up... sorry.


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