grub not working after kernel update

Emil Volcheck volcheck at
Wed Jul 30 05:39:16 UTC 2008

I'd like to follow up on Lee's issue with GRUB not working
following a kernel update.

This same problem happened to me when I did the automatic
update this past weekend.  It was very disconcerting!
I think this qualifies to be listed in the Common Fedora Bugs
documentation.  Or, there needs to be a warning when
the auto updater attempts to upgrade the kernel.

Unfortunately, the rescue disk did not work for me(*), so instead
I grabbed the latest respin (7/18) from, upgraded,
and selected the option to write the boot loader.  Merely
updating the boot loader did not suffice.  I had to actually
specify it be installed again.  That worked just fine and got
me back up and running.


Emil Volcheck
volcheck at

(*) due to a known bug with anaconda not recognizing
FC4 RAID drives.

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