Mounting Motorola A1200 in Fedora 9

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Wed Jul 30 07:19:36 UTC 2008

> Hi all!
> I am facing a strange problem. In previous versions of
> Fedora (till 
> F-7), I could mount my MotoMing phone using a USB Cable in
> my laptop for 
> data exchange. Now in the F-9 box, I am unable to mount the
> phone. I 
> have set the USB mode of the phone to Mass Storage mode.
> Surprisingly, 
> in RHEL5.2 Client, I can still get the phone mounted and I
> can do data 
> transfer.
> What could be the possible reasons that I am not able to
> mount the phone 
> in F9 ? Any suggestions ?
> Regards,
> Amit.
> -- 

What is the output of 
$ dmesg | grep 'usb'

Also have you rebooted or started the machine with the phone plugged in?  
The device might not be responsive?  




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