NetworkManager and static routes

Zacharie Elcor zelcor at
Wed Jul 30 09:14:11 UTC 2008

On F9, you can use /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/* scripts.
Each time NetworkManager changes network configuration, it runs all scripts
in this directory, passing interface (eg "eth0") as first parameter and "up"
or "down" as second one.
You can then write your own scripts to define static routes, depending on
the actual network configuration.


On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 4:33 AM, Timothy Selivanow <
timothy.selivanow at> wrote:

> Is it possible to set up a static route using NetworkManager?  At /this/
> moment I do not need it, but I will be needing when I get a laptop in
> the next couple of weeks.
> What I need is to be able to easily switch between a wired network (that
> has two separate IP addresses, and a static route) and random wireless
> networks.  I have noticed a dearth of documentation for NetworkManager,
> and not much on Google either...
> --Tim
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