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Wed Jul 30 09:44:30 UTC 2008

Am Dienstag, den 29.07.2008, 19:39 -0400 schrieb Tom Horsley:
> On Tue, 29 Jul 2008 22:59:13 +0200
> Christoph H__ger <choeger at> wrote:
> > Networkmanager (that I am very aware of ;)) is not an option. I should
> > have mentioned that I need to assign static ip addresses to some virtual
> > machines by editing something in their root-tree.
> I find it very convenient to run dhcpd on my virtual machine host
> and just config my VMs to get their network setup from DHCP. Unfortunately
> the way networks are setup seems to be different on every linux distro,
> so it is a pain to track down where the config is stored on different
> VMs, but they all talk DHCP (even fedora 9 works if you turn off
> worthless NetworkManager and turn back on network :-).

Yepp, I know that this is an option, but not in my setup. Here's why:
1. machines need to be accessible from the outside, so they always need
the same ip. That would mean assigning them the correct MAC address -
which is possible but needs nearly the same work to be done as assinging
static ips (changing some string in some file)
2. admins here don't like me running dhcp servers although I know how to
_not_ make them screw up the network
3. There will be only one VM per host so a dhcp server would be a little
overkill - and the time for bootup is critical, every second helps.

So, in fact static ips are the way to go here,
and /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 is exactly the place to do
that fast.

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