Curious characters in Thunderbird on Linux...

Kevin Martin kevintm at
Thu Jul 31 01:54:46 UTC 2008

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Kevin Martin wrote:
>> I get strange characters in some emails that I receive in Thunderbird 
>> on F8.  Things like (I hope this comes thru):
>> *Uptown Theatre buyer calls city requirements ‘onerous’* 
>> <>
>> and
>> Version:Â Â Â  [GA
>> Any idea why I would be seeing this?  Apparently, when I send the 
>> recipient's see strange characters such as these as well.  Is it an 
>> encoding issue, d'ya think?
> Yes, it is character encoding.
> If the message is sent using UTF-8 as the encoding and you force it to 
> display as ISO-8859-1 you will indeed get what you show above.
> Also, if a message is sent using "onerous" (with the punctuation mark 
> used in the article) as iso-8859-1 you will see what you show.  In 
> that case, you can force UTF-8 as the charset and it will display 
> properly.
So if messages are sent using an encoding that you are not this will 
happen?  Crud, how do you get around /that/?


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