Installing i386 packages via yum on a x86_64 F9 based system

Ubence Quevedo r0d3nt at
Thu Jul 31 16:15:22 UTC 2008

Thank you for the response.

I'm not looking to install the 32-Bit Firefox via yum, because I've already downloaded it from the mozilla website.  I'm trying to run the 32-Bit Firefox and it is complaining about missing libraries.  I fixed this before by getting the i386 version of the libraries via yum, but I can't remember how I got the relevant gtk related i386 libraries I needed.  For example, bugbuddy is one of the dependencies I need, but when I did: yum list *bug*buddy*i386, I didn't get any results back.  So, that is why I thought I needed to get the i386 repo information.

And I'm running the 32-Bit version of Firefox because there is no 64-Bit version of Flash, and I don't feel like running some type of compatibility mode to get it to work.

Does anyone else have any ideas?



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Il Thursday 31 July 2008 16:48:46 Ubence Quevedo ha scritto:
> Hi Everyone,
> I recently reformatted my x86_64 F9 based system, and somehow before
> the format I was able to install i386 packages via yum [I forgot
> exactly how I did this].  Now after the reformat, when I try to
> specify i386 packages to install [yum list *.i386], I get no results
> returned.  Is there a specific repo I need to enable to access the
> i386 packages?  The reason for this question is because I manually
> installed the x86 version of Firefox, and the required libraries and
> files to run i386 Firefox aren't installed as part of the x86_64
> install.
> Can someone please advise on how I can install i386 packages via yum
> on a x86_64 based system?
> Thanx!
> -Ubence

[oneiros at sincity ~]$ yum list | grep i386
OpenEXR-libs.i386                        1.6.1-3.fc9            
adobe-release-i386.noarch                1.0-1                  
alsa-lib.i386                            1.0.16-3.fc9          


zvbi-devel.i386                          0.2.30-1.fc9           fedora
zziplib.i386                             0.13.49-5.fc9          fedora
zziplib-devel.i386                       0.13.49-5.fc9          fedora

There are plenty of i386 packages in the Fedora repos, but firefox isn't 
there, or at least I didn't find it (I use Konqueror anyway :P).
If you're searching 32-bit Firefox for the plugins (i.e. the Flash 
plugin) you can always use one of the free plugins avilable (Gnash or 
swfdec) or the proprietary plugin via nspluginwrapper (you can follow 
the guide here: ).
If you have other uses for 32-bit Firefox, well, then I don know :P

Fedora release 9 (Sulphur)

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