Where do you get your servers?

fchan fchan at molsci.org
Thu Jul 31 22:48:50 UTC 2008

I have Penguin Computing server and they normally install CentOS by 
default but you can buy RedHat or SUSE as the OS. I didn't see any 
"frankenkernel" per se, however, I didn't get CentOS on mine so I 
don't know if they altered it there. I got RedHat ES on mine which 
wasn't altered in any serious fashion other trying to market the HPC 
cluster stuff.
On the line of Penguin Computing and Fedora 6 I got a weird system 
hang on that server when I was testing it for another application. 
However when I reinstalled RedHat ES from CD the problem went away.

That is my $3 worth (2 cents adjusted for inflation),

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>Kevin Martin writes:
>>Also try Penguin Computing.  That's who we use...price competitive, 
>>understands Linux.
>My recollection, the last time I checked them out, is that they ship 
>workstations with installed frankenkernels, and various other binary 
>blobs. But if they're still doing that (it's not clear after a brief 
>look at their website, but the fact that they sell only Nvidia video 
>cards is not a good sign), I would argue that they don't understand 
>Linux, just yet.
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