Fedora 9 language: Khmer Support

khemara Lin lin.kh at wicam.com.kh
Fri May 23 03:43:41 UTC 2008

Thanks again for you kind reply.

I tried to install system-config-language but I did not know which language
to choose for Khmer. I did not have Khmer or Cambodia available. I know
here, they made an MS Windows version program to install Khmer font and the
program requires me to select Catalan language to be able to type Khmer
font. The MS Windows program also installs the fonts: KhmerOS and the like.
In Fedora 9, I also tried to select Catalan as the default language but did
not do anything change. I noticed, Fedora 9 did not have the KhmerOS fonts
installed although I opted for Khmer support. 

Another tweak I tried to make was that, I tried to add and select Cambodia
keyboard as the default but when I typed, all I could see was squared boxes
instead of khmer/english letters.

Please any more ideas? 


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Le 22.05.2008 09:54, khemara Lin a écrit :
| Thanks for your reply. That is what I thought too; I could not find
the menu
| entry System->Admin->Language. Maybe, it is not installed by default while
| in Fedora 8, I could see it available by default.
| Anymore help would be much appreciated. Thanks

yum install system-config-language

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