FireFox 3 EULA

Steve Hill steve at
Mon Sep 15 09:42:52 UTC 2008

I'm just watching Ubuntu's Launchpad kick off over the existence of an 
EULA in FireFox 3:
Which references a bug I raised in the Mozilla bugzilla a while ago:

I've not yet migrated a workstation to Fedora 9, so I'm not sure how this 
is handled by Fedora, but I presume that the user is presented with the 
EULA as soon as they start FireFox?

I'm curious what the  Fedora Project's take is on the situation - there 
are suggestions that Ubuntu may switch to IceWeasel in order to avoid the 
EULA.  Ubuntu is one of the last distros I would expect to go to such 
lengths to protect their users from non-Free licences, given that they are 
(reasonably) happy about bundling non-Free drivers.  But as an entirely 
Free distribution, is Fedora planning on following suit and dropping 
FireFox in favour of IceWeasel (or similar)?

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