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François Patte francois.patte at mi.parisdescartes.fr
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Le 04/07/2009 15:07, Gary Waters a écrit :

> François Patte wrote:
> Le 04/07/2009 14:25, Gary Waters a écrit :
>>>> I recently switched from my old CRT screen to a nice 19" LCD. I am using
>>>> the proprietary nvidia driver downloaded from the nvidia site and not
>>>> the kmod driver.(NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-185.18.14-pkg2.run).
> Did you install something (kmod/akmod) about nvidia from fedora? You
> have, maybe, a: "livna display Config" in System>Adm
> Go there and untick: Allow livna-config-display to edit configuration
> file.
> Best is to install akmod, it will compile automatically your nvidia
> driver everytime you need it when your kernel is updated

> No, I don't have the kmod driver installed. I also remember reading
> somewhere that having both the kmod and proprietary nvidia driver
> installed simultaneously could cause problems.

> When I use "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-185.18.14-pkg2.run --uninstall" from
> command line and remove the nvidia driver, X-windows does not start at
> all until I re-install the nvidia driver again, which I did to see if
> this would resolve the issue.

> What would be the safest method to uninstall the nvidia driver and
> switch to kmod? Use yum to install kmod, and then init 3 to command line
> and remove the proprietary nvidia driver?

I would do:

1- switch to init 3 (]# init 3)

2- install akmod-nvidia (]# yum install akmod-nvidia)

This should install akmod-nvidia, kmod-nvidia, xorg-x11-drv-nvidia,

3- switch to init 5 (]# init 5)

This will install the nvidia module for your kernel.

If you need to have your own xorg.conf file you must disable
livna-config-display, to prevent it to write a new xorg.conf file,
erasing the one you prepared...

> *sigh*...I keep forgetting that sometimes clicking on reply sends it the
> the respondent and not directly to the list....here's the forward...

I know why: you have set "reply to" in your mail config, doing so, when
I reply to your mail to the list, a mail is sent directly to you...

Good luck.

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