Intermittent procmail error

Jussi Lehtola jussilehtola at
Thu Jul 9 20:19:15 UTC 2009

Lainaus "Neil Bird" <neil at>:
>   I use fetchmail to get mail from various places, that pipes to  
> sendmail which at some point invokes procmail, which I've configured  
> to dump mail into /var/spool/mail.  This has worked OK for pretty  
> much ever.

Ugh. Maildir would be a lot nicer solution, mbox should be a thing of  
the past... The bigger your mailbox gets the slower and more error  
prone it becomes to handle it. Maildir doesn't suffer from locking,  

>   I *think* it may be happening when she leaves herself logged in  
> with TB running, with a refresh poll of 1 minute;  maybe the spool  
> gets permanently file-locked?  I have since reduced this to 2 min.,  
> and I *think* it's reduced the frequency of occurrences (my cron job  
> also greps maillog for new errors).

Does it work when TB is not on?
Jussi Lehtola
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