How do I switch mirror for rpmfusion?

gilpel at gilpel at
Sun Jul 12 04:51:20 UTC 2009

Kam Leom wrote:

> Let us know if is picked by fastestmirror. I'm betting
> that it  does. (There are only 21 public mirrors listed for rpmfusion
> and is the fastest and closest geographically to
> you.)

I scraped Totem and installed MPlayer this afternoon and, as I noted in my
yet unanswered message concerning using gedit as root, it took an awfully
long time. (That's after installing fastestmirror.) Unfortunately, since I
used the graphic interface, I don't know where it downloaded from.

If I remember well, I wouldn't have known either using yum at the command
line: I got a mention of only when I had a socket error. Maybe
the verbose mode will change this.

I'll try to keep you updated.

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