How do I switch mirror for rpmfusion?

Konstantin Svist fry.kun at
Sun Jul 12 19:03:47 UTC 2009

stan wrote:
> I turned it off for exactly the reason you cite above.  This isn't a
> measure of a fastest mirror.  I think it would be really great if yum
> would keep track of the mirrors used and the actual download rate
> obtained over time with each mirror. It would have to be a weighted
> update of speed averaging past total at past speed and current total
> and current speed. Then instead of always using the fastest mirror, take
> the top N (20?, user selectable?) fastest mirrors and share the load
> among them. Set a size threshold so that only files above a certain
> size (2 MB?, 1MB?, 500K?) are taken from the fastest mirrors, let any
> other files come from anywhere.  If a file is 20K in size, the speed of
> the download isn't really relevant. This shares the load and ensures
> that certain servers don't get hit by everyone, thus degrading their
> performance and stressing them unfairly.
> I've thought about writing a plugin to do this, but haven't made it
> yet.  The fastest mirror plugin would be a good template.

I'd prefer a system based on existing proven technology, e.g.
bittorrent. It already does all this and more -- and works great for
high loads, e.g. when a new version comes out.
It doesn't matter where the packages are downloaded from, as long as
they're signed (which is already the case). Some users may take issue
with using their upload bandwidth or downloading from other users -- so
upload-while-downloading and download-from-peers should probably be
disabled by default, but it can be an option for the more adventurous.
The biggest difference from BT is that the list of files to be
downloaded is different for each user, and also that new files are being
added all the time.

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