Firefox display of LinkedIn slow on Fedora 10

Michael Eager eager at
Tue Jul 14 15:32:44 UTC 2009

Hi --

When I try to open a page on LinkedIn in Firefox or
Konqueror, it takes forever to display.  Often, the
session times out before the page is shown.  I have
not noticed any other sites which have similar problems.

A Google search shows that a number of people have encountered
similar problems.  There were conjectures that the problem
has to do with routers or network settings.  There are a few
suggestions to reduce the TCP MTU size, and some people
claimed this fixed their problem.  When I followed these
suggestions, it doesn't improve display of LinkedIn pages,
but it did screw up display of other sites.

On a Windows XP system running under VMware on the same
hardware, Firefox displays LinkedIn pages with no delay.

Since the network connection and router is the same,
it's not a problem with the physical hardware.  Since
the same problem appears on both Firefox and Konqueror,
it's not a problem with the browser display engine.

Anyone have a suggestion how to eliminate this annoyance?

Michael Eager	 eager at
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