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On 07/16/09 15:33, quoth Christoph Höger:
> Hi,
> is there a lightweight spam filter out there that works well with
> postfix?
> Especially important would be to whitelist some servers I forward mail
> from that already run a spamfilter.
> regards
> christoph

I'm going to weigh in on this one too. Signature and all. ;-)

I'm going to declare the question as flawed. You can do a fair amount of
decision making right in the SMTP server. After that, you can do as much as
you want given the limits of what you are willing to use. In this case, you
use the word lightweight with no clear idea of what it is you think exceeds
the definition. ClamAV is lightweight in that it is almost trivial to
configure, big fat hairy footprint however. Spamassassin does a good job and
can take a bit of work ot configure and can add a bit of load, depending on
how much you want it to do. I filter out all the stuff that's in asian
languages and self declared spammers right in sendmail before it even gets to
spam analysis. I'd suggest elaborating more on what your goals are.

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