Why Fedora is for experts only?

Marko Vojinovic vvmarko at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 12:10:18 UTC 2009

On Saturday 25 July 2009 06:11:30 gilpel at altern.org wrote:
> jack craig wrote:
> >> Really, pausing for a few seconds still seems to me like the best
> >> option.
> >> The way out is easier than I thought but when a newbie comes to Linux
> >> and
> >> he's already afraid because everybody says that Fedora is for experts
> >> only, he might not look further and give up.
> >
> > no pain, no gain, ...
> and no market share.

Market share has nothing specific to do with Fedora. Ubuntu should be distro of 
choice for newbies and market share gaining, not Fedora. If Ubuntu is also 
configured not to have that two second pause in grub, you should ask *them* to 
fix it, since they have a lot of newbies who might get into trouble without it.

If a newbie tries Fedora and gets disappointed, the problem is not the default 
configuration choices of Fedora, but the user choice of the distro.

There are different levels of user-friendlyness. Fedora is mainly targeting 
users who are already devoted to Linux, so its default configuration tries to 
be seasoned-user-friendly, not newbie-friendly. Better go whine on the Ubuntu 
list for such defaults. Fedora is simply not the distro that should be used 
for advertizing Linux to newbies and gaining potential market share.

Being a Linux user since RH 6.2 days, I am quite happy with the default config 
of grub in Fedora, and I guess most Fedora users are also fine with it. Those 
who are not are usually proficient enough to customize it themselves to meet 
their needs.

Best, :-)

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