fedora "consumer satisfaction" statistics

David Boles dgboles at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 14:56:04 UTC 2009

David L wrote:
> Is there any way to rank one's satisfactions with different
> components of fedora and the release as a whole?  It would
> be really nice if people could express their displeasure or
> lack thereof without (or in addition to) sending emails to the
> list.  For example, a lot of people bitch about pulseaudio,
> networkmanager, and say things like "fedora 11 worst then
> ever release".  But I'd like to know statistics on these things
> rather than just seeing a random samples of emails that
> say "this is broken" and "works for me".

What you are looking for, and many here lately are missing, is a
personal 'blog'. Some that post here have this *help me with a Fedora
problem* list confused with a 'rant and rave' personal blog. Or general
chat list. Which it is not.

> I know one can file bug reports and watch bug reports, but
> I'm not sure if there is a way to tell how happy people are
> with something.  For example, I might file a bunch of bug
> reports against a component even though I'm in general
> pretty happy with it.  And I might file a single bug report
> against something that doesn't work at all for me
> (for me, it's pulseaudio and Intel video).  And I don't file any
> bug reports against KDE, which I stopped using when 4.x
> was introduced into Fedora because it was so broken at that
> time.  I'd like to see a plot versus Fedora release of the user
> satisfaction of KDE... I suspect it plummeted with fedora 8
> (or whatever release started using 4.x) and isn't back to
> where it was before.

It has been my experience here that few, very few, people write in and
say that 'everything is beautiful. Everything works out-of-the-box. All
is wonderful.  :-)  After all it is a help list not a praise list.

Some people, the majority, write here because something just does not
work correctly for them. Or just how they think it should work. Many
here are knowledgeable and try to help.

Some people, a vocal minority, write here to 'rant and rave'. To spout
off about how bad Fedora is. Or how the way Fedora is is bad because
<their_reason_goes_here>. I tolerate those posts for two, sometimes
three, posts then I have a special place to store their posts from then
on. It's name is /null/void.  :-)

> On a related topic, is there a way to find per component
> statistics on the percentage of bug reports that are
> fixed before the next release?

This someone else will have to comment on. Adam might know.



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