Kernel - PAE vs. non-PAE

Steven F. LeBrun steven at
Wed Jul 1 01:27:01 UTC 2009

When I installed F11 on my Toshiba laptop, it installed the PAE version 
of the kernel.  I am assuming that my laptop has a CPU with Physical 
Address Extensions functionality and can therefore address up to 64GB of 

My laptop only has 3 GB installed.  Can anyone explain the pro's and 
con's of using the PAE version of Linux kernel instead of the non-PAE 

Would the PAE version of the 32-bit Linux Kernel see 4 GB of memory if 
it was installed where Vista 32-bits only sees about 3GB?  For that 
matter would the non-PAE version see the full 4 GB?

   Steven F. LeBrun

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understand binary and those who don't."/

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