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Re: Comments from a new user: what is Distrowatch complaining about?

2009/6/30  <gilpel altern org>:
> I couldn't install Abobe Flash as suggested by Fedorafaqs. Adobe's
> instructions are much simpler and work very well:
> Download the x86_64 package, un gzip it on the desktop, copy to:
> /home/my_user_name/.mozilla/plugins
> Restart Firefox, go to YouTube :)

The instructions on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Flash are pretty
complete, and when Adobe release updates you'll get a notification
from PackageKit rather than having to go and find it later.

> P.s.: I'll have a few questions about installing NVIDIA drivers --
> rpmfusion vs NVIDIA's own install program -- and watching evil WMV... on
> state tv* -- God damn this rotten bunch of morons! -- in my next message.

If you install the rpmfusion repos then it may be that the codecs will
be automatically downloaded when required - at least, that's what
happened when I tried to watch a WMV stream.

Also, the rpmfusion repo makes it very easy to stay updated with the
nvidia kernel modules.  Look for the akmod package.  This will
automatically build the correct kernel modules for your nvidia card
when you boot up.

Hope this helps.

Graeme Hilton
(Also pleasantly surprised at the ease-of-use in F11 :) )

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