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Re: Comments from a new user: what is Distrowatch complaining about?

On Wed, 1 Jul 2009, Scott Beamer wrote:

> Graeme Hilton Wrote:
> > 2009/6/30  <gilpel altern org>:
> >> I couldn't install Abobe Flash as suggested by Fedorafaqs. Adobe's
> >> instructions are much simpler and work very well:
> >>
> >> Download the x86_64 package, un gzip it on the desktop, copy to:
> >>
> >> /home/my_user_name/.mozilla/plugins
> >>
> >> Restart Firefox, go to YouTube :)
> >
> > The instructions on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Flash are pretty
> > complete, and when Adobe release updates you'll get a notification from
> > PackageKit rather than having to go and find it later.
> Unless of course you follow the instructions at the bottom of that
> page for getting the Adobe Flash 10 X86_64 plugin. In that case
> you're on your own for updates.
> The plus side to that is, it is native 64-bit and you don't have to
> mess with all the "wrapper" stuff.

  all i would add to that is to install "flashblock".  without that,
firefox for me was astonishingly slow.  after flashblock, sweetness.



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