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Re: Burning .thunderbird to a cd/dvd changes r/w

Jim Wrote:

> When burning  .thunderbird folder to a cd/dvd it changes the r/w
> priviledges in Mail folders to r only. and you say no way, well i'm
> sitting  here looking at the mail folders on the dvd and all of them say
> 'read'
> In the past I noticed if I move the .thunderbird folder onto a hard
> drive or flash drive I had no problems of putting the .thunderbird
> folder onto a new upgrade/install and it would work perfectly.

I don't think I've ever burned a recordable DVD or CD with files that 
didn't all become read-only.  I believe that's the nature of the beast.

Just change the folder (and enclosed file) permissions to writable after 
you copy it from the DVD.  I do this all the time.

But on general principles when backing up data from Linux (or *bsd/
*solaris/etc) you should tar the directory/directories first. This will 
maintain file permissions and ownership.

For example....

	$ tar -cjf thunderbird.tar.bz2 .thunderbird/
Then burn thunderbird.tar.bz2 to your DVD.

See "man tar" for more info.


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