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Old squashfs partitions does not work in Fedora 11

Dear List  [this is my first post]

In a mixed environment of CentOS 5 and Fedora machines, I use Network
Block Device to export squashfs-partitions with static archived data
from a server to client machines. This provides great speed and low load
on the server.

When upgrading to Fedora 11, I can no longer access the squashfs
partitions. I get this message i dmesg:

SQUASHFS error: Major/Minor mismatch, older Squashfs 3.1 filesystems are

Is this a bug or a feature? It's quite rare to revoke support for
filesystems from the kernel... In particular it's a bit weird for
filesystems generated with Fedora 10 to be unreadable by Fedora 11.

Should it be posted as a bug? Does anybody know of a workaround? Will I
have to revert to NFS for sharing the data?


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