Comments from a new user: what is Distrowatch complaining about?

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Wed Jul 1 15:03:21 UTC 2009

gilpel at wrote:

> So, I wanted to
> install klipper.
> "yum install klipper" didn't produce any result, as urpmi klipper, in
> Mandriva would.

klipper is part of kdebase-workspace, so
yum install kdebase-workspace
or even
yum install /usr/bin/klipper
would work.

> Why is groupinstall needed for XFCE, not for kdebase, for instance?  No
> groupinstall in Mandriva. Why groupinstall and check-updates (with an
> hyphen)?

groupinstall kde-desktop
is there too. :)

-- Rex

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