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Re: Mappery : uncertain success with Fedora/Wine/Garmin

On Thu, 02 Jul 2009 01:47:04 +0800, Tony Frame wrote:
>>> Anybody have a guess -- or a way to find out -- why the same software
>>> connects to the same GPSs on two machines, but not on four others??
>> If  your GPSs are connected to the serial port it may be worth checking
>> access rights to the serial ports are OK on the F11 machines.

>> It seems F11 has introduced the dialup group ... in F10 and earlier
>> adding users who needed access to the serial port to the uucp group
>> worked for my data logger comms program. On a machine recently upgraded
>> to F11 I needed to add the user to the dialup group.

> uhh ... dialout group not dialup

	Ok, thanks. Fortunately I hit this post first, and didn't have to 

	I went through five machines, adding my userid to the dialout 
group for each. I think it did half the job: with my old etrex vista 
connected to the serial port, TOPOUS2008 (on one machine, so far) finds 
the GPS -- but then fails to transfer anything, in either direction.

	That's an improvement over not finding it, to be sure; but I need 
one more ...

	I did run through the list of groups, looking for other likely 
candidates, but failed to spot any. (My userid was already in uucp.)
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