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Re: Comments from a new user: what is Distrowatch complaining about?

> On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 9:58 PM, <gilpel altern org> wrote:
>> I would appreciate to see what Package Manager for GNOME is doing rather
>> than doing its thing and giving no info.
> I've been working on this yesterday. I'll commit some code after some
> UI review. Will be fixed soon.

Thanks! That's what I call a quick answer!

Rahul has not be so fortunate though. About... what was it? two months
ago, he filed a bug report about documentation saying that it took only
256 MB to install Fedora 11 preview (OR RC?) in graphic mode.

This hasn't changed yet. Today, some people are still losing their time
downloading and trying to install on a 256 MB system...

P.s. for Rahul: Yep, I am LuckyDay.

I registered under that name but, God knows why, it's my email address
that appears as my username. And there seems to be no way to change this,
except unregistering and registering, maybe. But how can I manage not to
have my address as my username?

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