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Re: Upgrade F10/XP -- best way? : OUTCOME (long; sorry!)

On Sat, 27 Jun 2009 16:46:42 +0000, Beartooth TpBkR wrote:

> My #1 machine has F10 on one hard drive, and XPPro/SP2 on the other. 
> 	So I'm looking at two opposite projects.
> 	So far, I've had better success with preupgrade than with an F11
> DVD -- but always on single-boot machines. And the partitioner in
> anaconda seems to be particularly fragile at present.
> 	Which upgrade is to be preferred in each case -- preupgrade, or
> DVD??

	In the event, I found no clear criterion, and finally just 
slammed the Gordian sword through the knot.

	With one PC and one laptop that were talking to the GPSs -- or 
that had before and that I thought still did -- and having had better 
success with preupgrade than media, I used the former again.

	It turned our a near thing -- a very near thing.

	I did a PackageKit update, immediately followed by yum update 
just in case, and then immediately gave the command to preupgrade. When 
it had done most of its testing and downloading, and seemed close to the 
home stretch, I went to my dinner and kept my hands strictly off till 

	It had gotten within a whisker: it was complaining that I needed 
3 MB more space in /mnt/sysimage -- which was nonsense, even if it was 
talking only of the (F10) linux drive. I have well over fifty gigs left 
unused now.

	I got it two or three times to the grub screen that it had 
updated -- it had simply added the F11 option on  top. XP was still on 
the bottom.

	It booted XP all right, and I updated the virus defense there. 
All else looked normal.

	I soon found that the F11 option led every time to a dead end; 
but the F10 (the top one, at least; there were three or four older 
kernels still there, PAE and plain) booted fine and seemed unchanged.

	I had (and still have) no faintest inkling how to enlarge /mnt, 
which did not contain anything, sysimage nor other. Finally I tried 
several commands till I found one (rpm -q, iirc) that gave me a list of 
kernels. Then I did yum remove on the oldest, followed by another reboot.

	This time the F11 choice went to completion. Everything seems to 
be running fine (I'm on it now) -- except that it now sees and identifies 
one GPS, but can't actually transfer anything to or from it, even after 
having my userid added to the dialout group.

	And, of course, the Fates or whatever computer gods there be 
(Klono, perhaps?) have to have their jest: the laptop can't talk to a GPS 
any more, either.

	But at the last need, I can still boot to XP. <sigh>

Beartooth Staffwright, Neo-Redneck Not Quite Clueless Power User
I have precious (very precious!) little idea where up is.

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