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Re: Totem Movie Player

2009/7/2  <gilpel altern org>:
>> On Wed, Jul 01, 2009 at 22:11:04 +0200,
>>   gilpel altern org wrote:
>>> Don't say "Silly you!". I already said "%%$# #$ silly me!". Just tell
> me
>>> how to find which key/repositories are signed to provide updates on my
> system. I'll check and remove any reference to rpmfind.
>> The rpm man page tells you how to find which keys have been imported:
> rpm -qa gpg-pubkey*
>> You can use rpm -qi to get an idea who might have provided a key.
> $ rpm -qa gpg-pubkey*
> gpg-pubkey-8fcff4da-49c51006
> gpg-pubkey-d22e77f2-49750871
> $ rpm -qi gpg-pubkey*
> package gpg-pubkey* is not installed
> How come Fedora uses GPG and gpg-pubkey* is not installed?

Because your syntax is wrong.

You can do rpm -qa gpg-pubkey*
You cannot do rpm -qi gpg-pubkey*

(i.e. -i does not accept wildcards like *)

You must do something like this:

[sam samlap ~]$ rpm -q --queryformat '%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE} -
%{SUMMARY}\n' -a gpg-pubkey*
gpg-pubkey-4ebfc273-48b5dbf3 - gpg(Fedora (10) <fedora fedoraproject org>)
gpg-pubkey-8b0a5229-404602b5 - gpg(ict-redhat <ict-redhat imperial ac uk>)
gpg-pubkey-4f2a6fd2-3f9d9d3b - gpg(Fedora Project <fedora redhat com>)
gpg-pubkey-6df2196f-48b5d596 - gpg(Fedora (8 and 9) <fedora fedoraproject org>)
gpg-pubkey-a109b1ec-3f6e28d5 - gpg(Livna.org rpms <rpm-key livna org>)
gpg-pubkey-b1981b68-4878de85 - gpg(RPM Fusion repository (Fedora -
nonfree) <rpmfusion-buildsys lists rpmfusion org>)
gpg-pubkey-d22e77f2-49750871 - gpg(Fedora (11) <fedora fedoraproject org>)
gpg-pubkey-4f2a6fd2-3f9d9d3b - gpg(Fedora Project <fedora redhat com>)
gpg-pubkey-f6777c67-45e5b1b9 - gpg(Adobe Systems Incorporated (Linux
RPM Signing Key) <secure adobe com>)
gpg-pubkey-8fcff4da-49c51006 - gpg(RPM Fusion free repository for
Fedora (11) <rpmfusion-buildsys lists rpmfusion org>)
gpg-pubkey-49c8885a-4878ddfb - gpg(RPM Fusion repository (Fedora -
free) <rpmfusion-buildsys lists rpmfusion org>)


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