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gilpel at gilpel at
Thu Jul 2 04:38:24 UTC 2009

> Tim:
>>> Who's key was "theirs"?  One from rpmfusion or rpmfind?
> gilpel at
>> rpmfusion.
> I'd leave the key installed, then.  As far as I'm aware, rpmfusion is as
> trustworthy as any other of the usual repos that people use.

Well, from what I've read, it seems THE source for non-free software but,
at first, I was wondering. I believe that, a few years ago, Livna occupied
this position, no? And following FedoraFAQs post-installation
instructions, I saw that installation of the Livna repository was
suggested, first in the list. So, I thought nothing had changed.

I was then very surprised to see that I had only 2 keys installed from
RPMFusion (free and non-free), which looked suspicious since I thought
that installing the repositories list of packages would also download the
keys. (Real newbie, yes!) So why wasn't Livna's key there when I issued
the command "rpm -qi gpg-pubkey" ?

I then learned at Wikipedia that Livna now only offers libdvdcss. I
installed it and checked the y/N more carefully after download to find out
that, indeed the key is only installed for the first package installation.

I suppose I'm in a class part, but people like me would appreciate a very
simple HowFedoraWorks document.

Anyways, I should worry less about every- and any-thing in a few days. I
already feel better :)

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