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forced to do text-based F11 install

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My father attempted to do a clean GUI install of F11, using the entire
drive.  But the window "creating filesystem on /dev/sda1" never finished
- - we let it run for almost a full day.  Going to VT2 shows an Xorg
process using over 95% of the CPU.  We tried xdriver=vesa and acpi=off
with no luck.  A text-based install works, but is extremely stripped
down with only 179 packages installed.  We figured out how to use
useradd and passwd to create an ordinary user account, but not how to
get networking working, or what the easiest way would be to get a list
of the default list of packages for a GUI install, and how to install
them.  We couldn't even get X running - we changed the default runlevel
in /etc/inittab from 3 to 5, but the GUI never comes up after booting,
just a cursor on a black screen.

Since the text-based installer has been stripped down to the point where
it results in an essentially unusable system, and there appears to be no
way to use the GUI installer (it's already been reported as bug #505412,
but no evidence of progress in fixing it) is there a walkthrough
anywhere on how to make the resulting system usable?
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