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Re: f11 - missing font?

Frank Cox wrote:
Some of the xscreensaver hacks seem to be looking for font(s) that aren't
present on this machine:

memscroller: unable to load font: "-*-courier-bold-r-*-*-*-320-*-*-m-*-*-*"
memscroller: unable to load font: "-*-courier-bold-r-*-*-*-480-*-*-m-*-*-*"
memscroller: unable to load font: "-*-courier-bold-r-*-*-*-960-*-*-m-*-*-*"
memscroller: unable to load font: "-*-courier-bold-r-*-*-*-1440-*-*-m-*-*-*"

This is a new set-up-from-scratch F11 machine, not one that was upgraded from a
previous version.

What's missing?

Frank, same problem as xawtv, the rpm is broken and doesn't have a dependency for a required font. I think I reported this against either F10 or an early F11-pre or rawhide.

I got a response in chat that this is not a bug, fixing it would force people to use some font rather than pick your own. Of course that means you get to waste hours trying to find *any* font which will work.

I have these installed, xawtv still doesn't work for me:
  Oops, will get munged, attached instead.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
  "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from
the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot
Arggotsc.ttf					     license.doc
BLACC___.TTF					     MIDDST__.TTF
CACPINAF.TTF					     OldeEnglish.ttf
Church Text Shaded - (230 Char Set+Euro) Sample.wri  OldLondonAlternate.ttf
Church Text Shaded..ttf				     OldLondon.ttf
CloisterBlack.ttf				     Olondona.otf
CODASCII.WRI					     Olondon_.otf
cooed___.ttf					     Pamela.ttf
CrayonE.ttf					     phandbv2.ttf
CrayonL.ttf					     phandv2.ttf
Cursive standard Bold.ttf			     Plain Germanica.ttf
Cursive standard.ttf				     PlumBAE.ttf
CuttyFruty.ttf					     PlumBAL.ttf
daisy.ttf					     PlumBDE.ttf
DampfPlatzsh.ttf				     PlumBDL.ttf
DampfPlatzs.ttf					     PlumNAE.ttf
DampfPlatz.ttf					     PlumNAL.ttf
DeutscheZierschrift.ttf				     PlumNDE.ttf
Djfancy_.TTF					     PlumNDL.ttf
Embossed Germanica.ttf				     RASHAND.TTF
English Gothic, 17th c.TTF			     RASHH__.TTF
Fluted Germanica.ttf				     Ruritania-Outline.ttf
FrakturShadowed.ttf				     Ruritania.ttf
FREEWARE.WRI					     SarabandInitials.ttf
holyrose-bonbongothique.ttf			     SarabandLettering.ttf
install.doc					     SchoolScriptDashed.ttf
Jacek Zieba-Jasinski_bi.ttf			     SeyesBDE.ttf
Jacek Zieba-Jasinski_b.ttf			     SeyesBDL.ttf
Jacek Zieba-Jasinski_i.ttf			     SeyesNDE.ttf
Jacek Zieba-Jasinski.ttf			     SeyesNDL.ttf
LearningCurveDashed.ttf				     Shadowed Germanica.ttf
LearningCurve.ttf				     wornmss.ttf

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