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Re: F11 Live CD Capabilities Info

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> I have some remote work over a painfully slow link if using
> graphics. To accomplish what I need to do, a dd of a file that
> resides on a CIFS share onto a USB key of a server, I was thinking
> of booting the machine with an F11 Live CD so I could do this all
> in one hit.
Booting the server with the live CD?

> So, does the live cd have support for CIFS mounts and an ssh server
> so I could only deal with getting the thing started, then dump the
> graphical remote logon and just use ssh?
Are you going to try to log into the machine you boot from the live CD?

> Better yet, can I interrupt grub and pass a "3" to prevent the
> disc from even loading X?
> I would try, but the connection is so slow, it would take ages to try
> if it didn't work and my maint window is short unless I wanna be up
> all night, I can't have it off for long :)
You would be better off explaining what you are trying to do. You
are not giving enough detail for me to understand what it is you
want to do.

First, the file you are trying to get of the CIFS share and get to
the USB key - is this an image file that will replace what is on the
key, or is it a normal file you want to copy to the key?

Second, what OS is the server running now?

Third, if the file on the server's drive(s), or mounted from another


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