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Logged in twice?

This aft, I notice the HD was flashing all the time and I wanted to see
what kept it busy.

The first thing I noticed with "top", is that there are two users. Issued
the command "users" and saw my user name twice. Looks like I'm logged in
twice. Why is that?

The only process I couldn't figure out that was at the top of "top" was
multiload-apple(t-2). "free" shows that buffers are increasing by 8 KB
each time the light goes on. This seems somewhat related to Firefox
running. It persist some time after it's closed, than stops.

Why are the buffers increasing when I don't use Firefox? (It's just open.)

Note: I have the System Monitor applet installed and the page on its
configuration is:


but multiload appears nowhere in the document. In case this would help.

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