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Re: increasing time spent on grub during pm-hibernate

Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> I think that the new kernel will simply refuse to load the hibernated
> image and boot normally (as after an improper shutdown).

Right, but the image will be removed, so what was the point of
hibernation? If you wanted to reboot into the new kernel anyway, a plain
reboot should take less time

> Yes. But if you do not have windows partitions mounted and you hibernate
> and reboot to do something in windows, grub will immediately
> try to resume, you understand what happens and try to shutdown everything
> before the kernel actually runs. If you are lucky you power on
> again, you manage to have to grub menu shown by pressing one key
> and you boot windows and then resume Linux. If you are unlucky,
> the resume image is not usable anymore (the system has been resumed and
> then powered off) and you lose all the session you wanted to
> preserve. 

Also, if you try to use a Live CD, it will most likely try to mount the
swap partition, also potentially destroying the hibernated state.

> And that's an additional case of "inexperienced users
> can do stupid things, so we have to block experienced users
> doing smart things".
> (I used to run tuxonice and this "holding-hands" stuff was not there,
> luckily).

That's what differentiates an amateur project from a polished
professional one. The beginner project relies on the user to be smart
enough to not do these things. But Fedora is used by a lot of different
users, some are not as much computer-literate as you are. It has to put
up guards against them.

I'm not saying that option shouldn't be there, but I do believe it's a
very sensible default.

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