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Re: Logged in twice?

>> This aft, I notice the HD was flashing all the time and I wanted to see
>> what kept it busy.
>> The first thing I noticed with "top", is that there are two users.
>> Issued
>> the command "users" and saw my user name twice. Looks like I'm logged in
>> twice. Why is that?
> You are probably running 2 shells.  What does the "w" command tell you?

Probably? You mean surely!

One where I'm logged in: tty7, and since I opened a terminal to run "top"
or "w", that's 2: pts/1.

So, unless you run "top" logged in a shell, not-graphic mode, you have 2
users. Dammit, it takes quite some time to make a Linux expert!

I don't remember coming across this "w" command and I wonder where else
than here I could have got this explanation.

The "w" command!

>> The only process I couldn't figure out that was at the top of "top" was
>> multiload-apple(t-2). "free" shows that buffers are increasing by 8 KB
>> each time the light goes on. This seems somewhat related to Firefox
>> running. It persist some time after it's closed, than stops.
> Its a part of the gnome-applets RPM.

OK. But it's not what writes to my disk, because I tried XFCE and
multiload-applet is not used by XFCE. So let me ask the question more

How to I learn which process keeps writing 8 KB buffers to my disk when I
do nothing and my modem is switched off?


P.s.: Writing emails in this web interface at altern is really a pain.
What's the way to register to this mailing list without having one's
personal email address divulged? For instance, in your case, kjchome.net/
doesn't seem like a valid address.

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