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Re: forced to do text-based F11 install

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On 07/03/2009 04:59 AM, Aaron Konstam wrote:

> Since week ago I did a GUI install of F11 from a DVD I guess I believe
> that the GUI install works. But maybe not for your hardware. What
> hardware do you have and how did you try exactly to do the GUI install.
> For example which option did you pick from the boot screen?

It's a machine that has successfully used the GUI install for all recent
versions of Fedora before F11.  It has an AMD Duron CPU, 512 MB RAM, 40
GB HDD.  I myself did a successful GUI F11 install on a machine with a
much slower CPU and half the RAM, so that's probably not it.  We used
the default option, but tried adding "xdriver=vesa" and "acpi=off" with
no luck.  The GUI in anaconda works fine right up to the point where the
"creating filesystem on /dev/sda1" window starts and Xorg starts using
~95% of the CPU.  We let it run for almost a day with no progress, so
it's not just slow.  It normally should complete in less than a minute.
 We are attempting a clean install using the entire drive, the simplest
possible case.  All choices on the previous pages are the defaults.
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