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Re: FC 11 NTP setup after install?

Paul Erickson writes:

I missed setting up NTP during the install of FC-11 on one of my machines. I have googled the archives, but can't seem to find out how to set up NTP post install.

"chkconfig ntpd on" then "emacs /etc/ntp.conf", if necessary.

If you want to use Fedora pool NTP servers, and you upgraded, you may need to rename ntp.conf.rpmnew to ntp.conf -- that's the default configuration.

If you are using your own NTP server, you'll need to comment out the fedora pool NTP servers from ntp.conf. In all cases, it's a good idea to uncomment the two settings that enable the fake local clock driver, as a fallback.

If your network interface is configure to use DHCP, and your DHCP server provides an NTP server setting, nothing else is required, dhclient will update ntp.conf automatically -- but this should be done when disconnected from the network, other dhclient will nuke your changes when the machine shuts down.

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