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Re: Logged in twice?

> Kevin J. Cummings wrote:

> Linux writes to the disk asynchronously.  Every once in a while it
> spills its write buffers (or some of them) to the disk.  So it could
> take a while for all of them to eventually be written out.  Check out
> the "sync" command to try and flush them immediately.

sync changes nothing. When I login as root in another shell F1, about 20
KB of buffers are written, then buffer writing dies.

> Is your system swapping?

With 4 GB of RAM? I sure hope not! I even set Klipper to have 100 entries!
But it now that there's no more a setting for its buffer and I'm stuck
with pasting a max of ~20 lines!

So I installed clipman but, for now, it says there's another clipboard
application running, even I clicked Quit, do not restart and so on after I
removed the klipper icon. Then thingy won't die until I reboot I suppose.

> Linux filesystems have a
> last-accessed field for directories which needs to be written out, even
> if you don't change the contents of any files.

Maybe but, for now, I can't help to wonder if that's not want prevents my
computer from going into suspend mode.

> Top looks at CPU times and process sizes, you want to know what looks at
> IO reads/writes.  (Sorry, off the top of my head, I can't remember....)

Yup! If it ever comes back to your mind...

> While running my own linux system, and having administrative control
> over it, I can create email addresses as I please on this machine and
> manage them.  When a particular email address starts getting spammed, I
> have lots of choices.  I can delete it, I can use lots of tools to
> filter out the spam, I can deny particular hosts access.  Control is a
> great thing.

Yes, but management takes some time... and expertise. So, as for myself,
KISS is my motto :)

> Learn how to configure your favorite email
> client.

Well, sending a test message to the group with a copy to myself from
altern, I suppose I'll find out the smtp server name, which is impossible
in altern's interface. As for the pop... there's a long list of headers.

I'll see.

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