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Re: Mappery : TRIUMPH at last, at long, long last

On Mon, 29 Jun 2009 19:09:13 +0000, I Beartooth had written:

> Followups set to gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.general
>     I'm presently running four PCs, two thinkpad laptops (a T30 and a
> T42), and an EeePC (which doesn't come into this). Everything but my #1
> PC is running Fedora 11, and all of them have some version of Garmin
> Mapsource MetroGuide and TopoUSA2008. Most of them also have DeLorme
> TopoUSA6, Maptech's Appalachian Trail suite, or both.
> 	Anybody have a guess -- or a way to find out -- why the same
> software connects to the same GPSs on two machines, but not on four
> others??

	Well, meseems I'm a fool, if not a triple-damn-fool -- but a 
mighty happy one (in the end).

	The denouement started when I had occasion (in the otherwise 
irrelevant thread in fedora.general about a washed-out [id est, faded] 
display) to shutdown and reboot all four PCs.

	When I rebooted #1, after the upgrade to F11, I thought to let it 
boot to XP and check the map suites there. They failed. I supposed the 
cybergods had slipped a nasty knife between my ribs. Not so. Blessed be 
their names!

	Finally I thought to check my cablery. Sure enough, the one I'd 
been testing with ran to #2, and one that had gotten buried in the 
paperstorm was on #1.

	I straightend that out. Lo! and Behold!, not only #1 but now #2 
do immediately find the GPSs -- and the transfers finish as slick as a 

	Calloo, callay! Champagne is *strongly* indicated -- and so is my 
best single malt. After nearly eleven years' wait, I may go buy a bottle 
of rich man's champagne. And the last vestige of M$ will disappear off 
the dual boot drive, and out of my house, forthwith.

	All regulars on these lists are invited to help celebrate -- in 
person, should ye happen to pass nigh Blacksburg.

Beartooth Staffwright, Neo-Redneck Not Quite Clueless Power User
I think I just found out where up is.

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