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Re: Dealing with Fedora's mailing list

gilpel altern org wrote:
> If there's anybody here who's in charge of Fedora's mailing lists, I
> must say that the way you're dealing with susbscribers seems
> dishonest.

If you need to reach the administrators of a Mailman mailing list
directly, you add -owner to the listname, i.e. to reach those who tend
to this list, use fedora-list-owner redhat com 

> When I subscribed, I was asked for a user name. This user name
> appears nowhere, just my email address. It seems the user name is
> just a way to make you believe that your email won't be divulged.

As Tim pointed out, the user name is clearly mentioned as optional.
And nowhere on the list sign up pages does it make any mention that
email addresses will be kept hidden when you send an email to the
list.  I'm sorry if you are used to a different way of doing things
when using web forums.

> I don't know what's the reason for this, but it doesn't seem like a
> professional attitude to me.

This is the way nearly every mailing list works, and, by far, the way
most every list using the Mailman list software works.

> I'm not much of a techie, you already know that, but it seems to me
> that the only way to prevent spamming is to prevent people from
> registering from email service providers such as Google, Yahoo... or
> Altern, where it takes only minutes to register, then bye-bye.

Sure, and if we found ourselves inundated with garbage from any
particular domains, we could resort to dropping all mail from that
domain.  Fortunately, that has not happened so far.

> But this is now permitted and there is...as far as I can see, not
> that much spam. So, once again, why all those shenanigans?

I really don't understand what you mean by shenanigans.  This list
operates the same way that most every other mailing list to which I
have subscribed does.

If you wish to never divulge your email, feel free to never send any
email from your account to a public mailing list.

Personally, I find the benefit I gain from using mailing lists far
outweighs the annoyance of receiving some spam.  Most of the spam sent
to my address is disposed of neatly by SpamAssassin.

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    -- Bill Cosby

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