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Re: Logged in twice?

>> One solution is to do what I do:  Subscribe twice.  Post from an address
>> that nobody can post to (this yahoo address that I'm using auto-deletes
>> all mail sent to it).

gilpel altern org:
> Post and receive? Or you make a copy/paste. Or... yes... let me remember
> how it worked before I thought it was easier to use the https service of
> Altern on the web instead of using my email client.

Ah, the missing pieces of the puzzle...  Are you using a webmail service
or a real email client program running on your computer?

There's no cutting and pasting involved here.  I just hit reply, delete
any quoted text that doesn't need to be in my reply, and ensure that the
right "from" address is selected before posting the reply.

Although I'm using a Yahoo address, here, (a) Yahoo still provides POP3
access to their service where I am, in Australia.  And (b) Yahoo is the
address I'm using for the "no mail" side of the equation.

When you use a normal mail client program, you're free to write whatever
you like as the "from" address into its configuration.  Though, if you
want mail to be received by a list, that from address will have to be
one that you've subscribed with.  The list will reject mail from
unsubscribed addresses.

I picked Yahoo, for my mail list subscriptions, because the first load
of mailing lists I joined were hosted by it, and it seemed logical to
let them deal with the spam instead of me.  Plus, other mail services
would often reject their list mail as being spam, whereas they didn't
reject their own mail.  But I don't use their webmail interface, I fetch
the mail in using POP3 to my local server.  All the webmail services
I've used I find to be horrid.

> Yeah, I suppose I could both on my email client. I suppose there is a way
> to configure reception in secure pop... which is rather imap, I believe.

Secure POP and IMAP are *completely* different things.

POP - a Post Office Protocol where one generally fetches mail from the
server, and deals with it locally.  Generally, the mail is deleted from
server during that process (either after each message comes in, or after
you've fetched all the messages).  

If you use more than one computer to do mail, it's a nightmare to deal
with POP.  Either the mail is on one computer or the other, probably not
the one you're currently using.  Or you have to contend with not
deleting mail as it downloads, then manually deleting mail as it's been
fetched on the second computer.  It's a mess, and POP really isn't
designed for that sort of thing.  IMAP, however is.

IMAP - an Internet Mail Access Protocol where the messages are generally
kept on the server, and you access them remotely with some client.  Like
webmail services, they stay on the server, and you can access them from
various different places.  Your client may locally cache things, for
speed, but the messages are stored on the server.

Then there's proprietary protocols (like Microsoft's Exchange) for how
their clients deal with their servers.  And webmail which could do
anything it likes between their mail server system and their webmail
interface to it.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the usual method of sending mail
from one place to the next.

Secure mail, for whatever mail protocol, involves connecting to the
server through an encrypted link.

> I suppose Altern offers imap. Lets see:

I don't know what Altern is supposed to be.  The very brief information
I see if visiting http://altern.org leaves me none-the-wiser, other than
it appears to use Squirrel mail, and I don't read French to know what
the rest of it's about.

I've played with Squirrel mail, elsewhere, and it's just an interface to
a mail server system.  That mail server may let you use other protocols,
too.  But that's up to how that particular server is configured.

> http://altern.org/bureau/doc/imap.html

404 error, here.

Following the few working links in altern.org led to:
http://lantre.org/faqmail/ (which seems to be the same people behind a
different domain name), which does have some configuration information
that I can't read, regarding mail server addresses.

> I remember having lots of problems using pop from altern.

I've not had the greatest of luck using IMAP with some internet services
(e.g. Fastmail.fm), but IMAP's great within my LAN.  I suspect lag
between myself and the remote services, and a remote service that's
underpowered for all of their clients.

My own LAN uses fetchmail to pull in mail from various different mail
services on the internet.  We have Dovecot providing IMAP access to that
mail for all the PCs on the LAN.  We have Sendmail as our SMTP server
within the LAN, and it sends mail to the outside through our ISP's SMTP
server (the ISP's SMTP server is the smarthost address for our SMTP

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.  I
read messages from the public lists.

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