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Re: how eliminate canned wallpaper?

Beartooth spake thusly:

> Gnome-appearance-properties gets installed with a default collection of
> wallpapers, themes, backgrounds, or whatever they're called; I have
> plenty of my own that I like better, and always delete those. But some
> screensavers, such as Slip in xscreensaver, still find them --
> apparently in /usr/share/backgrounds. I'd like to get rid of them. But
> they seem to be protected in some way, at least against my userid.

"gnome-appearance-properties" is part of the "[GNOME] control-center" 
package. That package does not come with any wallpaper.

The packages that *do* comee with wallpaper (assuming you only have GNOME 
installed - vs. GNOME & KDE, XFCE.....) include 


& the


Do a search for them with yum, packagekit, or yumex and remove any or all 
of them that you may have installed and your system wallpapers shouuld be 

Personally, I like them, but most of the ones I use are also found 
elsewhere and I just keep them in ~/Pictures/backgrounds.


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