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Re: "One or more disks are failing" ?

Tony Nelson spake thusly:


> He has an unrecoverable sector.  If that sector was in use, it's data 
> was lost.  If that sector was not in use, no data was lost.  If the 
> number of uncorrectable sectors rises, that is a problem.

I've been getting these warning messages popping up for 2-3 weeks now
(see original post for details), but I've otherwise not had any problems
with losing data or the drive's performance.

I'm not sure how to tell if this number is increasing....

> The OP should enable Automatic Offline Data Collection, which will scan 
> the entire disk for bad sectors "every 4 hours", and remap them if they 
> are still readable.  If sectors are unreadable when that is being done, 
> then/ the disk needs replacement as data will surely be lost (sooner or 
> later).
> $ sudo smartctl -o on /dev/sda

Thanks. I just started that. Does it run indefinitely? Do I stop it at
some point?

I've had the worst luck with hard drives in the past 4 years. It made up
for the 10 before that with no trouble whatsoever.

I just couldn't believe this one might be a goner also.

I'm crossing my fingers. Meanwhile, since I started this thread I've
ordered two new drives (one or both of which may replace this one and/or
supplement it).

Thanks for your help.

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