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fedora 11 on mac g4 ppc


I am trying to install Fedora on an old mac G4 given to me. I have
successfully installed Suse 11.1 and now want to install Fedora.  I am
using this g4 with a windows keyboard, an nvidia ge5200 video card and
normal monitor.

First things first.  When I installed opensuse 11.1 I held down the c
key and that forced it to boot from dvdrom.  Once opensuse is installed
none of the commands work to boot from the dvdrom.  I know I shouldn't
do this but what I did to get it to boot was to unplug the internal
drives from the motherboard.  They are cabled together as hda and hdb
and this allowed boot access from the dvdrom.  Once the dvdrom booted I
plugged in the drive cable.

Everything appeared to go nicely (even the dvd test) until I got to the
disk partitioning screen.  Once I made my choice it would not write
complaining of "no boot partiton".  I even tried to use the exact same
partitions as what suse used.

Could anyone please give me any advice as to how to get this install to
work with fedora and this G4 mac or am I stuck with opensuse 11?

Thanks very much,


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