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Re: any ETA on improved ATI drivers?

2009/7/4 Robert P. J. Day <rpjday crashcourse ca>:
>  i ask since a problem i was having with the radeon driver during the
> test phase -- screen suddenly going dark, literally right in the
> middle of keystrokes -- is coming back and seems to be getting more
> frequent.  never caused any breakage, just disconcerting.

Oh good - I'm not the only one.

I have the same with the "radeon" driver. Occasionally both screens go
black for a second or two, then come back as if nothing had happened.
I assumed it was either a flaky card or flaky driver as it affected
both monitors equally - now I think it's definitely the driver ;o)

As to the ETA for ati drivers, I don't know - but if your are
referring to the closed source drivers from AMD, then they release
roughly monthly and last released on the 15th June. So you'd expect
something around mid-July - without any guarantees that it will work
with Fedora 11!


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