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Re: rescue from Live USB?

2009/7/5 David L <idht4n gmail com>:
> My 4 year old just tripped over my laptop's power
> cord and it smashed into the hardwood floor.  :(

At this point, I thought your child was hurt!

> The hard drive appears to have been somewhat
> damaged, but still kinda sorta works.

At this point I realised you were talking about the laptop hitting the floor.

> But
> it no longer boots to Fedora 11 successfully... it
> gets a kernel panic, presumably due to a corrupt
> or missing file.  I have a Fedora 11 live USB.  Any
> chance I can use that to recover the earlier Fedora
> installation without a re-install?

Assuming you can get the data off, it's going to be WAY cheaper to put
a new hard drive in that laptop rather than replacing the entire
laptop. If a sudden shock caused data loss, I'd assume that the disk
is beyond usefulness and thank my lucky stars if I could get any data


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