wrong gearing on F-10

Arne Chr. Jorgensen achrisjo at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 5 04:29:55 UTC 2009


Still having trouble with Fedora-10 and the machine halt
if I don't hold a finger on the touchpad. That is, recent
kernel works somewhat with "nomodeset".

Machine Turion64X2 and RS690M chipset, and running Radeon.
It is configured as SMP, and here is my question:

- How can you run glxgears in reverse ?  How does threading
work ?

I have had it running in reverse, and I have had it jump back
and forth a few cogs. 

Now, we have had Xorg using a lot of CPU power, not really
producing anything but heat. But if treads jump back and forth,
could not something like this explain it ?

Can anyone shine some light upon the subject ?


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